Elizabeth Twoyoungmen / Talisman

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Elizabeth "Liz" Twoyoungmen was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the daughter of Michael Twoyoungman of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. She became estranged from her father at the age of four following the death of her mother following an illness. Michael, a physician, had promised to save her and his failure led Elizabeth to be bitter and resentful toward him.

Omega Flight (Volume 1, 2007)[edit | edit source]

Issue #1

"Alpha To Omega, Part 1"
Released date: June, 2007

Issue #2

"Alpha To Omega, Part 2"
Released date: July, 2007

Issue #3

"Alpha To Omega, Part 3"
Released date: August, 2007

Issue #4

"Alpha To Omega, Part 4<
Released date: September, 2007