Dynamite Watkins

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Dynamite Watkins, Action News Anchor is the local news reporter on Action 52, that hosts Action News, the neutral zone's news show.

She used to work at the local news in the midwestern state of Minnexploda before moving to Lakewood Plaza Turbo to cover the news there. Unlike other news reporters, the action is literal with explosions and fighting present. Her powers are most powerful when the camera is on her. She also boasts about being the winner of the 200X Hardcore Ms. Gorgeous Arm-Wrestling USA pageant. She is somewhat well aware of the over the top writing to her prompt.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has light brown skin with long light-purple hair. She wears light blue high-heels which seems to make her look taller. Her body wears a purple dress with a sharp, pink vest overlapping it. She also has pink sweatbands and a head bandana that is the same color as her vest. Her earrings are triangular shaped with a light yellow color to them, along with a small necklace around her neck. She has some light purple eyeliner with red lipstick on her lips (black later in the series). It also appears that she has a mole on her face, and a scar near her right eye and ear. It's unknown where she could've gotten this scar from. Her body appears to be tall and has a slender shape to it. Her arms have a slightly muscular build to them, along with her legs.

Let's Watch the Pilot[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 43