Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop

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Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop is a French/British television series created by Tony Barnes. It is called Dr. Globule in France. The show follows Dr. Zitbag, a mad scientist who is fired from the local pet shop in Transylvania for his poor sales. He decides to start his own pet shop in a haunted castle with help from the skeleton dog Horrifido. The doctor tries to make a profit by creating pets, and he gets into other misadventures, as well.

Characters List
Voice Role
Nicolette McKenzie The Exorsisters are twin vampire sisters from Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop (known as Dr. Globule in France). Sinista is the one with purple streaks in her hair and Bimbella is the one with white streaks.

Both ladies are twins resembling the bride of Frankenstein / The Monster's mate. They are Dr. Zitbag's neighbors, whom falls in love with and does everything he can to win their affection, but the two often argue at each other. Sinista often dismisses Dr. Zitbag, whereas Bimbella is more willing to give him a chance.


Terror in Transylvania[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 55

The Exorsisters return from holiday and arrive at Dr. Zitbag's to find him working on a new body lotion called "Slime Away". This lotion is shown to quickly burn fat and quickly build muscle just from bathing in it, demonstrated using Zombunny. The results interest the Exorsisters and they buy some for themselves.

After returning home and bathing in the lotion, they find the potion worked perfectly and has given them hourglass figures. However, the effects quickly ramp up and their upperbodies quickly bulk up to huge proportions, unwanted by them.

They break into Dr Zitbag's castle (who, unknown to them, has been possessed by a good-spreading spirit inside a moai statue and not home) to find Zombunny has grown outrageously bulky as a long term effect of the lotion. Just as the Exorsisters worry the same will happen to them, they begin to grow even bigger. Once informed of Zitbag's condition, they help force the spirit out of his body.

The episode ends with the Exorsisters, now even bigger than ever, eating tons of food in order to feed their massive new bodies while Zitbag attempts to create an antidote for the body lotion. When he complains about being too weak and hungry, Bimbella threatens him with a large club, and he meekly gets back to work.