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Dot is one of the hosts, the mascot, and TV series characters of the PBS Kids channel. Dot is naturally cool, cute, awesome, sweet and dramatic because she is very sensitive. When she was little, her curiosity often got her into trouble, but she is quick to learn from her mistakes. She has two younger siblings shown on tv with her: Dee and Del, who often get in trouble themselves too. Dot is playful, lively, vivacious and charming, and she likes meeting new people. Being an older sister, she is usually stuck babysitting her two younger siblings and trying to get them out of trouble, as well as getting in a few riffs with her older brother, but the four of them love each other just the same. She is Dash's younger and Dee's and Del's older sister.

She is green with black hair and, in the reboot, pink eyes. She wears a pink and white striped sweater in the original/a white shirt with a light blue zipper on it in the reboot, black pants, and white shoes.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood End Credits (2016)[edit | edit source]

Both Dot and her sister, Dee, are lifting up their brother, Del while flexing their biceps.