Diana Matlin

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Diana J. Matlin is the character whom a member of the Pioneer Society and a businesswoman who controlled the Predator #37 from Ghost Rider 2099.

History[edit | edit source]

Matlin was a member of the Pioneer Society, a group of wealthy businessmen who enjoyed a game developed by them which consisted of cybernetically control a series of killer robots and using them to kill people with superior skills. Matlin controlled the Predator 37 that killed Pak, a former member of the Yakuza and friend of Zero Cochrane. The killing of Pak brought the inevitable clash between Ghost Rider and the Predators. During the fight Predator 37 was destroyed by Ghost Rider while it was still cybernetically connected to Matlin and because of this, she went mad killing all the other members of the Society. When Ghost Rider came to the headquarters of the Society he found all members died and he was attacked by the crazed Matlin that however was easily defeated by Ghost Rider and while he was about to kill her, Ghost Rider was interrupted by the reporter Willis Adams. When Matlin was released by Ghost Rider because of complaints of Willis, she immediately attacked the reporter who killed Matlin to defend himself by hitting her violently several times with the camera.

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