Dawn of the Croods

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Dawn of the Croods




Brandan Hay

Production company

DreamWorks Television Animation


United States

Original run

December 24, 2015 – July 7, 2017

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Dawn of the Croods is a series created by DreamWorks Animation and is shown on Netflix. Produced by Brendan Hay, It stars the characters of the 2013 film The Croods, taking place before its events, with the other cave people they once lived with.

Character List
Voice Roles Muscle Moment Total
Eep Crood Stephanie Lemelin 1
Ugga Crood Cree Summer She is a cavewoman who is Grug's wife, the daughter of Gran, and the mother of Eep, Thunk, and Sandy. She is more open-minded than his husband Grug, but she also finds it difficult to keep her family safe. 1
Sandy Crood Grey Griffin The youngest of the Croods, four-year-old Sandy is as feral and vicious as a baby wildcat. In a dangerous world full of creatures trying to take a bite out of her, Sandy is not afraid to bite back. 1
Lerk Grey Griffin Lerk is the new girl at Eep's school, and she's also Eep's new friend. Lerk can be found funny most of the time and hangs out more with Eep, but she sometimes doesn't listen as she loves fooling around. 1
Amber Laraine Newman One-Eyed Amber is a character seen in the Netflix show, Dawn Of The Croods. She is the leader of the hunting pack and the boss of Grug. 2