Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic

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Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic is a direct to video adult animated dark fantasy action film released on February 9, 2010. Based on Dante's Inferno video game, which is itself loosely based on Dante's Inferno, Dante must travel through the circles of Hell and battle demons, creatures, monsters, and even Lucifer himself to save his beloved Beatrice.

Character List
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Charotte Cornell Nessus in the direct-to-DVD animated film Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (a tie-in to the video game Dante's Inferno) was a centaur who resided around the Phlegethon, the boiling river of blood that comprised the first part of the Seventh Circle of Hell. She was a friend of Virgil who allowed he and Dante to ride across the treacherous river on her back. She is loosely based on a centaur by the same name from Greek mythology who appeared in Dante Alighieri's original Divine Comedy. 1

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