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Clarence is an American TV show created by Skyler Page on Cartoon Network. and produced by Keith Mack, A realistic fiction set in Arizona, it centers on an optimistic 9-year-old boy named Clarence and his best friends Jeff and Sumo.

Attack the Block Party[edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 10
Airdate: February 18th, 2016

Sumo watches one of Surf, then, Clarence leaves his house and stays talking to Jeff about the aliens, until he sees a blue light in the sky and thinks they are aliens, Clarence tells Jeff, which is upset when Clarence cuts him off, then Jeff tells Sumo, He is not very interested in the matter, therefore, he decides to go and look for Clarence, but something annoying. There are two muscular ripped women weightlifting on surfboards.

Video Store[edit | edit source]

Season 3, Episode 39
Airdate: June 24th, 2018

In the scene, that buff instructor named Crystal is the one-time character and host of the fitness video cassette tape, Better Buns 3