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Heroines who are good witches that use witchcraft only for good rather than harm or evil. Witches are the female equivalent of wizards, although in some forms of media the titles of witch and wizard do ignore gender roles and just classify all magic practitioners as one or the other. Traditionally a witch is a woman who learns how to cast magic or invokes it from a spirit/god, as opposed to a sorceress who is born with her powers.

Witches are evil women that use the power of magic in order to get what they want, which could be the whole world and ruling it or destroying certain kinds of people they want to be rid of or just simply causing small problems. They can be very dark and evil like The Shadow Queen or they can sometimes be nice (e.g. Sabrina Spellman) but they are mainly found to be cruel, evil, and very sadistic.

As villains, they often portrayed as female equivalent with Warlocks.

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