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Dr. Shannon Crawford is supported character and, lat from Woman Woman Vol. 5 comics in 2016-onwards.

She's a Wonder Woman's personal doctor. Doctor Crawford examined Wonder Woman after each mission she was sent on. However, Dr. Crawford desired to get close to Wonder Woman to gain her amazonian immortality as she was suffering from a fatal disease. Wonder Woman battled Dr. Crawford, and the doctor ultimately took her own life rather than return to her original form.

Wonder Woman chose the previously sick Dr. Crawford as her means of help instead of taking Etta to the hospital because as we find out in this issue, Dr. Crawford has been secretly planning on using Wonder Woman's DNA as a way to cure herself of a genetic disease that's killing her and after Wonder Woman comes to, after Dr. Crawford's sedative she gave her, we see that the good doctor has spliced parts of Wonder Woman's DNA into her own and is now essentially a powerhouse, but because of either the power or her initial sickness, Dr. Crawford has lost her mind.

In the end, Wonder Woman battles it out with Dr. Crawford and manages to beat her when she ties the Lasso of Truth around her and drains her of the amazonian DNA.

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