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C.H.I.X. is a comic book series published by Image Comics in 1998. It follows the adventures of four female secret agents who work for a covert organization called C.H.I.X. (Covert High Intelligence X-Operatives). The team consists of Candy, a former model and expert hacker; Holly, a martial arts master and weapons specialist; Ivy, a psychic and telekinetic; and Xandra, a shapeshifter and infiltrator. Together, they fight against various threats, such as terrorists, rogue spies, aliens, and supernatural beings. The series is known for its action-packed scenes, witty dialogue, and sexy artwork.

List of character
Muscular charcaters Muscle Moment Total
Bertha Buttress appears in the short-lived Image comic C.H.I.X. That Time Forgot. 1
Das Booty is a character who appears in the short lived comic, C.H.I.X. That Time Forgot.

Das Booty is an enemy to the character Bertha Buttress


C.H.I.X. That Time Forgot[edit | edit source]

Issue #1

Released date: August, 1998

This scene appears as Bertha Buttress is fighting her foe Das Booty. Their fight is introduced as the "Greatest Gargantuan Gluteus Maximus Match-Up in History!" until she is teleported away and meets up with the rest of the C.H.I.X'S.