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Boodica is a boss monster in the Definitive version of Dragon Quest XI. She is a Jockilles, a four-armed behemoth.

Boodica is mean and aggressive, as befitting of a monster. However, she is in love with Booga and refers him to names like "Boogy-Woogy-Woobags" & "Booga-Wooga", and does not like Jade for trying to steal her boyfriend.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Debuting in Jade's sidestory, she is Booga's original girlfriend who lives in Limboo, a pocket dimension where humans who defy him are forced to fight 10,000 battles if they are to get out.

Booga has her suck in the citizens of Octagonia so he can get some quality time alone with Jade, to which his girlfriend agrees. However, Jade struggles after she saves a citizen and gets sucked into Limboo instead. After she witnesses a Wrecktor beat upon a citizen for failing the 10,000 battle requirement, Jade goes to the prisons and talks with Underdigger, Golden Boy, Sinderella, & Vince about their predicament. A Moosifer tries to get Golden Boy to do his 10,000 battles, but Boodica intervenes (albeit, indirectly) through her voice saying Jade will have to do the Girly Burly for attempting to be Booga's new boyfriend, to which the monster agrees.

After Jade fights her way through 3 Boodiful Hoodlums, 2 Boodiful Wizards, 1 Boodiful Hocus-Poker, and 3 groups of Boodiful Smogbonnets and Sootbonces, Boodica intervenes and delivers some punishment on Jade for killing the monsters. Vince, Underdigger, Golden Boy, & Sinderella urge her to give up, but Jade refuses and keeps fighting, even after being unfairly beat up by her Left and Right hand men, inspiring the MMA Fighters to stand up for her.

After a grueling fight, Boodica is defeated, and Jade and the citizens of Octagonia escape Limboo and prepare to fight her boyfriend. However, she faints due to the hare-raising suit Booga gave her before the Limboo situation, turning her into Jinxed Jade much to the Spectral Sentinel's delight.

Boodica can also be fought in the Wheel of Harma's secret trial where she can summon a clone of herself.