Big City Greens

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Big City Greens
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Chris Houghton
Shane Houghton

Production company

Disney Television Animation


United States

Original run

June 18, 2018 - present

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Big City Greens is an American-animated series created by brothers Chris and Shane Houghton and produced by Dana Cluverius and Betsy McGowen. It aired in June 2018 on Disney Channel. It follows the adventures of the Green family, country people who moved to the city (named Big City).

List of Character
Voice Role Muscle Moment Total
Tilly Green Marieve Herington Tilly Green 1
Alice Green Artemis Pebdani She is Bill's mother and Cricket and Tilly’s paternal grandmother, as well as the matriarch of the Green family. 2
Sue Lanemoto Betsy Sadaro Community Sue is a minor character and Sue is a heavily built woman of light-blue skin tone and chestnut brown hair tied up at the top to a pigtail with a pink hairband. The stern fitness instructor at the Community Center, Sue teaches like a drill sergeant and doesn't like it when a student doesn't follow her orders. 2