Barbara Duncan / Crush

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Barbara Duncan, aka "Crush", is a super human employed by the covert superhero group Agency Zero in the Gold Digger series of comics by Fred Perry. Her main power is mass control of herself which translates to size changing, super strength and enhanced durability.

Comics[edit | edit source]

Gold Digger (Volume 2, 1993-1999)[edit | edit source]

Issue #8

Crime Syndicate-X
Released date: February, 1994

Gold Digger (Volume 3, 1999-)[edit | edit source]

Issue #55

Released date: July, 2004

Issue #57

Released date: October, 2004

Issue #58

Released date: November, 2004

Issue #82

Released date: February, 2007

Women of Gold Digger TPB[edit | edit source]

Released date: September, 2015