Aurelia Le Guin

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Aurelia Le Guin is a character in the Kiseki (trails)

Series, being introduced in trails of cold steel 2 and becoming playable in trails of cold steel 3.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trails of cold steel 3[edit | edit source]

her abs can be seen when she only wearing her instructor's swimwear, which is not only shown, but also obtainable by the White-Hot Swimming Competition side quest.

White-Hot Swimming Competiton[edit | edit source]

Trails of cold steel 4[edit | edit source]

She returns again in cold steel 4, as well as her instructor's swimwear that shows off her abs, though this time it (as well as all of her other costumes) are automatically obtained after passing 9/1 in game beginning an operation. She is also seen in her swimwear from a photo taken by Rex.