Animated Muscle Women Wiki:Rules and Policies

Here we'll be more universal and not limited to only just animated female muscle. That means you can share and post comics, tv, movies, web series female muscle and more!e rules:

  1. Add Name pages what shows/comics/movies/games/etc., expect characters name page by changes
  2. Photos and Screencaps in need of High Quality and high definition with or without watermark logo (including GIFs).
  3. Only post and share of FEMALE muscle video and or screenshots. No males.
  4. No nudity or sexual languages. Censor the images of the character(s) involved with nudity.
  5. You are only limited to sharing more screenshots per tv show, movie, video, and etc.
  6. All images need to be of the characters with muscles with some exceptions like lead-ups to muscle moments.
  7. You may post female muscle moments that came from another country and or a different language.
  8. Don't add the characters who have no muscle like poses whatsoever. (including bicep peaks, calves, shoulder, etc.)
  9. All of FMG, FBB, and character who related to Muscle inflation/growth based on the fanart has been no longer allowed in this wiki.
  10. Fanartists' characters are also NOT allowed or of the pages you(r) adding in. Example; A muscular Jade Chan has drawn by AdvancedDefense is not allowed
  11. Live-action/Real-Life muscular/or fetish women not allowed for the wiki, it for ANIMATION. Only Use Discord or my Blog instead.
  12. No vandalism or trash talk about fetishism. Please show your disgust towards this wiki somewhere else; YOU WILL NOT WELCOME HERE!!!