Animated Muscle Women Wiki:History

The Animated Muscle Women Wikia Fandom was a website dedicated to documenting and celebrating female characters from various media who possessed muscular physiques. The site was created in 2014 by a user named me, TheFrankster92 (currently TheFranksterChannel 1992), who was inspired by his own appreciation for strong and athletic women. The site attracted a loyal fanbase of contributors and viewers, who shared their favorite images, videos, and stories of animated muscle women.

The site's popularity peaked in 2018 when it had over 10,000 pages and 50,000 images. The site covered a wide range of genres and sources, from cartoons and anime to video games and comics. Some of the most popular pages included She-Hulk, Korra, Wonder Woman, Chun-Li, and Supergirl. The site also featured original characters and fan art created by the users themselves, so as myself included as the artist.

However, the site's downfall began in 2019, when it faced several controversies and challenges. The first one was a legal dispute with Fandom, the parent company of Wikia, who claimed that the site violated their terms of service by hosting sexually explicit and inappropriate content. The site's administrators tried to defend their site by arguing that it was a harmless expression of fandom and fantasy, but they ultimately lost the case and had to remove or censor many of the pages and images.

The second one was a backlash from some segments of the online community, who accused the site of being sexist, objectifying, and fetishizing women. The site's critics argued that the site promoted unrealistic and unhealthy body standards for women and that it reinforced gender stereotypes and power dynamics. They also claimed that the site was disrespectful and insensitive to real women who struggled with body image issues or faced discrimination because of their appearance.

The third one was a loss of interest and activity from the site's users, who felt demoralized and disillusioned by the previous events. Many of the users left the site or moved to other platforms, such as Reddit, DeviantArt, or Tumblr. The site's quality and quantity of content declined significantly, and the site became plagued by spam, vandalism, and trolls. The site's administrators tried to revive the site by adding new features and rules, but they failed to attract new or old users.

The site was finally shut down in 2021, after six years of existence. The site's closure was met with mixed reactions from the remaining users. Some expressed sadness and nostalgia for the site's glory days, while others expressed relief and indifference for the site's demise. The site's legacy remains controversial and divisive among the online community, as some view it as a cult classic and a pioneer of a niche genre, while others view it as a problematic and outdated relic of a bygone era.