Angelina Brancale / Stunner

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Angelina Brancale (aka Stunner) is a villain from the Spider-Man and Marvel Comics series. She was originally a video store clerk but she managed to get a job working for Carolyn Trainer, a former student of Otto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus. When Octavius used his virtual reality technology to make Angelina powerful and beautiful, she immediately fell in love with him, devoting herself to him and everything he did.

She was first seen using her virtual powers to destroy a bar. While in her Virtual form she tried to resurrect Octavius (who was killed by Kaine) after a battle with Spider-Man). As her real body was actually tied down into the virtual reality machine, the explosion that followed the resurrection knocked her true form into a coma from which took her years to awake from.

Upon hearing that her love, Otto Octavius, was dead, she swore vengeance on the one responsible for it: the Superior Spider-Man (not knowing that this one is actually Otto trapped in Peter's body).