Adrenazon (Adrian Lynn)

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Adrian Lynn was a paraplegic who took an experimental drug that enhanced activities in her adrenal gland. After overdosing, because the effects only lasted 30 minutes, she became an amazon type beast called Adrenazon.

She was a short-lived character from the Marvel Universe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Adrian Lynn was married to Michael Lynn. Michael Lynn, while driving in a rush and apparently intoxicated, caused a car accident that killed their two sons and paralyzed Adrian. Michael was prosecuted by Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, and was convicted of 3 counts of manslaughter and sent to prison. Michael, not being able to handle the pressure of jail and guilt, wound up committing suicide. Adrian Lynn then checked into Bellevue as a resident patient. Dr. Stopplemoor, a physician, held what seemed to be a cure to paralysis. He tested it out on Adrian and found that it actually worked. What the drug did was increase the activity in the adrenal gland, which in turn increased the flow of epinephrine, correcting the mistakes the paralysis had caused. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 30 minutes, which enraged Adrian. So she took the remaining vials and injected herself with larger doses to allow the cure to have a more permanent effect. It allowed her to walk and also enhanced her strength to superhuman levels, but the formula decreased her sanity. As a result, she believed that She-Hulk framed her husband and purposely destroyed her life; so she vowed to destroy She-Hulk’s. Adrenazon disguised herself as She-Hulk and planned to frame She-hulk. The plan would have been foiled by Dr. Stopplemoor, if he had been able to stop her. He was killed in front of a lot of witnesses and the police were called in. Adrenazon called Jennifer Walters to come, and when she arrived the police were ready to arrest She-Hulk.

She-Hulk broke out to investigate the old doctor's murder and was accompanied by another named Nosferata. When they met up with Adrenazon, they got knocked out and She-Hulk was left for the police as she continued to be framed by Adrenazon. She-Hulk was now trapped in the Tombs.

After that she pressured a woman by the name of Louise Mason to pose as Walters. However, there were obvious differences between the two and this plan failed. Nosferata went to free She-Hulk and they both confronted Adrenazon. She-Hulk knew the two were evenly matched and tried to outwit her. She-Hulk was trying to outrun her and Adrenazon used an earthmover to catch her. Adrenazon started to relapse to the day of the accident and came to her senses. She gave up her Adrenazon alter-ego and started to try to cope with the fact that her family was deceased.

Powers & Abillties Adrenazon had the strength to lift approximately 75 tons. Adrenazon also possessed enhanced speed, stamina, durability, and agility and retained her intellect; but not her sanity.

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