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Welcome to Animated Muscle Women!

Welcome to Animated Muscle Women Wiki Hello and Welcome! This place of muscular woman, female bodybuilders and female muscle growth found in cartoons, anime, comics, movies, fan-made animations and live action female muscle moments too! Like tv shows and commercials...if there's physical fitness and growing muscular at each scenes. This Wikia is a test to see if there is enough demand for website with female bodybuilding cartoons done with macromedia flash.

Rules and Guidelines Help this Wiki

  • Photos and Screencaps in need of High Quality (including GIFs).
  • No nudity or sexually languages. Censor the images of the character(s) involved with nudity.
  • Each shot for each motions from any videos are to be added in the character's gallery page.
  • All images need to be of the characters with muscles with some exceptions like lead-ups to a muscle moments.
  • Don't add the characters whom has no muscle whatsoever.
  • All of FMG, FBB, and character whom related of Muscle inflation/growth based of the fanart has been not allow/Banned for this wikia.
  • Fanartists' characters are also NOT allow or of the pages you(r) adding in.
  • No vandalism. Please show your disgust towards this wiki somewhere else.