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Barbarica was a humanoid/amazonian who traveled with Peacock Jones as his companion. She was crushed to death under a Penp.

Barbarica was traveling with Peacock Jones when she was brought to Flarbellon-7 where Peacock had arranged a great fight for her. Aiming to take advantage of her battle-induced arousal, Peacock had called upon Robobros to meet them. Before the Robobros arrived, Barbarica and Peacock met Rick, Morty and Summer from Dimension C-132 on their visit to take down a Penp. Barbarica was growing impatient with Peacock before being told to stay by their ship. There she had a brief conversation with Summer before being interrupted by the arriving Robobros. Visible excited she fights through the robots, expressing how the robot-killing has "engorged my genitals with blood". Shortly after, Morty successfully clubs a Penp out of the sky which lands on top of Barbarica, killing her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Barbarica was a tall, muscular female with light skin, long blue hair and very large breasts. She wore a golden headband, a purple necklace, a brown strapless top, grey iron cuffs on each arm, a short purple skirt and brown boots. She wielded two large labryses (double-headed axes).


Barbarica was a woman quick to temper. Once she and Peacock had arrived on Flarbellon-7 she immediately demanded to know if the area was where she was going to fight. Hailing from a civilization built around violence, Barbarica is mentioned being used to fighting really often, almost suffering from withdrawal when she met Summer. Barbarica also experiences arousal during immense violence, which is apparently a trait in her people.

Rick and Morty (Comic Series)Edit

Issue 16Edit

The Ricky Horror Peacock Show (July 2016)